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GetWellGo works only with hospitals which have earned the most reputed accreditations in medical care.

  • ISO Certified
  • JCI Certified
  • NABCL Certified
  • NABH Certified
  • NCQA Certified


Here are a few words of appriciation from our successfully treated patients around the world.


Medical Tourism may be defined as activities related to traveling and staying in a foreign country for at least one night at the destination region for the specific purpose of maintaining, improving or restoring health through medical interventions.

India has some of the most highly qualified and experienced doctors in the world. With a cultural emphasis on education, most of these physicians have gone on to super-specialize in their field, enabling them to become experts in their respective medical specialties. Further, most of the physicians that are in the collaboration with GetWellGo have had extensive hands-on training. The hospitals that GetWellGo has tied up with are the leading hospitals in India with multi-specialty or super-specialty facilities.

In addition to traditional medicine, India offers many more relaxing and rejuvenating treatment options from Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation to Allopathic and Naturopathic medicine.

India has several private hospitals that are designed to provide world-class medical care in India. These hospitals utilize some of the best medical equipment that is available worldwide. GetWellGo has carefully evaluated and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network. In India, all the hospitals and healthcare providers are accredited to NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). It is a body which operates accreditation and allied programs on patient safety and healthcare quality. The standards, evaluation, and certifications are based upon national/international norms, through a process of self and external evaluations. As NABH standards have been approved by ISQUA, NABH accreditation of India is equivalent to some of the worlds leading hospital accreditations like JCI, Japan Council for Quality Healthcare (JCQC), National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) etc.

These are the documents that would be essential for your treatment in India

  1. Medical History, Records, Test reports, X-rays etc.
  2. Identity Proof i.e. Drivers license/ Passport copies 
  3. Passport size photos  keep 10-15 in hand for various purposes
  4. Details of Health insurance, if valid in India.
  5. Passport valid for a minimum of 180 days with at least two blank pages.
  6. Relevant letters signed and stamped from the hospital concerned in India.
  7. In case of hospitalization or long-term treatment, proof of financial resources- Bank statement for last 6 months and Solvency Certificate from Bank.

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