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Medical Tourism may be defined as activities related to traveling and staying in a foreign country for at least one night at the destination region for the specific purpose of maintaining, improving or restoring health through medical interventions.

India has some of the most highly qualified and experienced doctors in the world. With a cultural emphasis on education, most of these physicians have gone on to super-specialize in their field, enabling them to become experts in their respective medical specialties. Further, most of the physicians that are in the collaboration with GetWellGo have had extensive hands-on training. The hospitals that GetWellGo has tied up with are the leading hospitals in India with multi-specialty or super-specialty facilities.

In addition to traditional medicine, India offers many more relaxing and rejuvenating treatment options from Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation to Allopathic and Naturopathic medicine.

India has several private hospitals that are designed to provide world-class medical care in India. These hospitals utilize some of the best medical equipment that is available worldwide. GetWellGo has carefully evaluated and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network. In India, all the hospitals and healthcare providers are accredited to NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). It is a body which operates accreditation and allied programs on patient safety and healthcare quality. The standards, evaluation, and certifications are based upon national/international norms, through a process of self and external evaluations. As NABH standards have been approved by ISQUA, NABH accreditation of India is equivalent to some of the worlds leading hospital accreditations like JCI, Japan Council for Quality Healthcare (JCQC), National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) etc.

These are the documents that would be essential for your treatment in India

  1. Medical History, Records, Test reports, X-rays etc.
  2. Identity Proof i.e. Drivers license/ Passport copies 
  3. Passport size photos  keep 10-15 in hand for various purposes
  4. Details of Health insurance, if valid in India.
  5. Passport valid for a minimum of 180 days with at least two blank pages.
  6. Relevant letters signed and stamped from the hospital concerned in India.
  7. In case of hospitalization or long-term treatment, proof of financial resources- Bank statement for last 6 months and Solvency Certificate from Bank.

In India, there is no waiting period or queuing up, either for diagnostic procedures or for treatment. After the initial diagnosis is done and the medical procedure decided upon, your surgery/intervention will be scheduled quickly. Duration for the entire medical procedure or treatment will depend on the individual's medical condition.

The potential cost savings for medical tourists are huge. Thus, many people are seeking treatment in India. It is important to note that the cost for each individual will vary depending on their need and requirements. On the whole, patients can save an average of 40-60% on their medical. Procedures for obesity and cosmetic surgeries are economical in India as compared to many nations in the west. Dental implant surgeries and cardiac procedures are also competitively priced.


GetWellGo will provide you end-to-end guidance and assistance and that will include finding relevant and the best doctors for you in India.

A relationship manager from GetWellGo will be assigned to you who will prepare your case, share with multiple doctors and hospitals and get back to you with a treatment plan, cost of treatment and other useful information. The relationship manager will take care of all details related to your visit and successful return & recovery.

Yes, if you wish GetWellGo can assist you in getting your appointments fixed with multiple doctors and hospitals, which will assist you in getting the second opinion and will help you in cost comparison as well.

Yes, our professional medical team will help you in getting the estimated cost for the treatment. The cost as you may be aware depends on the medical condition, the choice of treatment, the type of room opted for etc.  All your medical history and essential treatment details would be analyzed by the team of experts in the hospitals. They will also provide you with the various types of rooms/accommodation packages available and you have to make the selection. Charges are likely to vary by the type of room you take.

You have to check with your health insurance provider for the details.

The price that you get from GetWellGo is directly from the hospital, it is also discounted and lowest possible in most cases. We help you in getting the best price possible.

No, we don't charge patients for any service or convenience fee. All healthcare services GetWellGo provide are free of cost.


Once you decide on your medical trip to India, we would arrange an invitation letter from the respective Hospital which will be required for medical visa processing. The hospital will send this after your initial discussions about the treatment; this has to be presented at the Embassy or High Commission of India in your country. Full assistance will be provided in getting the medical visa.

Following documents are required to get a medical visa :

  • Passport with 6-month validity.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Recommendation from the home country doctor to visit the particular specialized medical center for treatment.
  • Invitation letter from the respective Hospital in India.
  • Passport copy of the attendant.
  • Proof of relationship with the attendant.
  • Medical reports

It must be demonstrated that the applicant has sought preliminary medical guidance in their country of residence and that they have been advised to pursue specialist treatment. The applicant must demonstrate that they are seeking medical attention in a recognized institution which specializes in the treatment of the condition In India, immigration authorities will give priority to M visa applications which relate to certain medical conditions. Serious ailments such as heart problems, organ transplants, ophthalmic disorders, and neuro-surgery will be given primary consideration. Foreign nationals entering the country through this Indian visa service will be required to register after their arrival with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days. Up to two attendants who are blood relatives are allowed to accompany the applicant under separate Medical Attendant Visas. Eligibility criteria may vary for different countries.

Medical Visas are extended by Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) depending on the condition of the patient. GetWellGo will help you in seeking the required documents from the hospital for extending your Medical Visa if necessary.

Medical Visa varies for different countries. It ranges from $13 to $153.

We will help you and the attendants in completing formalities like registering at the FRRO within 14 days of the arrival.


A Relationship Manager will be with you every step of the way; from meeting you at the airport when you land in India, to the moment you leave to fly back home. Relationship manager's main role is to provide you with any assistance that you may need. They will ensure that transportation is arranged to and from your accommodation to the hospital for all of your appointments.

Yes, GetWellGo will arrange pick-up and drop and with clear communication of the travel schedule. Depending on the condition of the patient, we can also arrange ambulance services from the airport to the hospital and in extreme condition, Air ambulance can also be arranged.

Professional medical team at GetWellGo will collect more details on your health, the condition for which you need treatment and the possible options and accordingly suggest you doctors and hospitals. We will also schedule appointments as per your itinerary with 2-3 doctors for the second opinion if required. On your arrival, the assigned personnel will accompany you to the doctors. We will guide you fully on the requirements thereon after consulting the specialist doctor.

We have partnered with FabHotels, OYO hotels, and other such service providers. So we will assist you in getting accommodations as per your requirements at a very reasonable price. We can also provide condo/apartments with kitchen for patients and their attendants who have longer stay.

International calling services or Local sim cards, Newspaper both Local/International, Internet facility, Wi-Fi will be arranged on request.

English is widely spoken across India and the Staff at the hospital in India are mostly fluent in English. But if assistance for any other language is required, interpretation service will be arranged by us.

The healthcare services that GetWellGo partnered with take great care of patients to make sure that they are satisfied and the results are successful. At the same time, any surgery or medical procedure entails risk & successful results cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

We make sure that our patients are completely satisfied and don't face any sort of problems. We ensure that they get VIP facilities and treatment at the hospital. 

Most Hospitals in India are likely to have a medical store within its premises for easy accessibility.


All major modes of payments are accepted in India  Cash/ International Master or Visa Credit Card, Traveller's cheque etc.

Yes, your assigned relationship manager will take care of the entire hospitalization process so that you and your attendants don't have to worry about such formalities.

Yes, we would be happy to take you around. You may check with our Relationship Manager about the sight-seeing the country.

We will continue to be at your service after your return. We will help you with follow-up consultations with the doctor, reports, medications and any other help you may need. We also arrange Video call consultation service so that you can convey any query to your doctor through our platform.