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Sector - 44, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Fortis is a multi-super speciality, quaternary care hospital with an enviable international faculty, reputed clinicians, including super-sub-specialists and speciality nurses, supported by cutting-edge technology. A premium, referral hospital, it endeavours to be the 'Mecca of Healthcare' for Asia Pacific and beyond. Set on a spacious 11-acre campus with 1000 beds, this 'Next Generation Hospital' is built on the foundation of 'Trust' and rests on the four strong pillars Talent, Technology, Infrastructure and Service.


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About Fortis Hospitals

Fortis Healthcare Limited is one of the leading integrated healthcare service provider in India. The healthcare verticals of the company primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics as well as day care specialty facilities. Currently, the company operates it's healthcare delivery services in India, Dubai, Mauritius and also Sri Lanka with about 45 healthcare facilities (including the projects under development), approximately Ten thousand potential beds and Three hundred diagnostic centres. Fortis is a multi-super speciality, quaternary care hospital with an privileged international faculty, reputed clinicians, including super sub-specialists and also speciality nurses, supported with cutting-edge technology. A premium and referral hospital, it endeavours to be the 'Mecca of Healthcare' for the Asia Pacific and beyond. Set on a spacious 11-acre campus with one thousand beds, this 'Next Generation Hospital' has been built on the foundation of 'Trust' and rests on the main four strong pillars Talent, Technology, Infrastructure and Service. In a global study of the 30 most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, its flagship, the Fortis Memorial Research Institute', was ranked Number 2 by ', and having a lead from many other outstanding medical institutions in the world.


Vision of Fortis Hospitals

Fortis was established in 1996 with the vision, 'to create a world class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills with a combination of compassionate patient care. Fortis Healthcare is India's fastest growing healthcare group. It has grown from first hospital at Mohali, Chandigarh which was opened in 2001 with over 45 healthcare facilities till date. These include the most famous Escorts Heart Institute and also the erstwhile Wockhardt facilities. From North to South, East to West, Fortis got India covered in his warm and blessed arms - the frontier city of Amritsar, to Ludhiana, Mohali, the National Capital region, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Kolkata and many more destinations are all covered with Fortis facilities. Fortis occupies a place of pride in India's healthcare delivery system.


The Brand Fortis Healthcare

The Fortis brand with its distinctive logo is the synthesis of human values of trust, ethics as well as service and quality healthcare. They project clinical excellence, distinctive patient care, transparency in their actions and high level of integrity and excellence is all that they do. Their logo projects these very values. The integration of the hands (in a distinctive green bearing a red dot) and human figure is totally seamless and is basically the representative of 'Fortis' responsive approach to healthcare. The green colour of hands is representation of health, well-being, compassion, nurturing and generosity while red dot giving an immediate association to our Indian roots, also representing energy, spirituality, courage and symbol of good luck. At Fortis they intrinsically believe that excellence is a not a destination – but a beautiful journey.


About Ownership of Fortis Hospitals

Mr Bhavdeep Singh is the existing CEO of Fortis Healthcare, this is his second stint as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Mr Singh is an acknowledged business leader and also a seasoned professional, with more than 25 years of experience. He hold senior executive roles in HR, Retail and Healthcare. He also worked across multiple geographies and has a strong track record of building as well as leading great teams whilst delivering exceptional results. Mr Singh went to Pace University and completed several certified courses in Leadership and Executive Management from premiere institutions like the Harvard Business School, Cornell University, University of Hartford, Dial Institute of Management and St. Joe's University in the United States. Fortis Healthcare Limited is a chsin of hospitals, having headquarter in India. Malaysia's IHH Healthcare became the controlling shareholder of Fortis Healthcare Ltd by acquiring a 31.1% stake in the company. Fortis Healthcare even appointed four persons from IHH Healthcare to its board in a meeting held at Mohali. The board has approved the allotment of over 230 million shares via preferential issue to Northern TK Venture Pvt Ltd, a completely owned indirect subsidiary of IHH Healthcare, at inr 170 per share of inr 10 face value. Fortis Malar Hospital formerly known as Malar Hospital is a also multi-specialty hospital situated at Adyar in Chennai, India. It was established in 1992 and Fortis acquired it in 2007.

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Anatoly Oleinikov

Visited in March 2018

From Russia

I was having a very hard time in getting the right treatment for my second child in our own country, so our doctors and relatives suggested us to try the treatment in India. This is where we came across Getwellgo. They not only helped us in the entire treatment process but also took care of my family in a strange country.

Salesh Raman

Visited in December 2018

From Fiji

I wanted to have a second opinion before I made a final decision for my weightloss surgery. There were a lot of confusion regarding the surgery and the complications that may arise. Getwellgo medical team had an expert on board who helped me understand thoroughly about the treatments types available and pointed me in just the right direction.

Murid H Ahmed

Visited in January 2018

From Afganistan

When I decided I'm getting my cardiac surgery done, I wanted to know the cost estimates and most economical treatment available. Getwellgo's cardiologist answered all my questions patiently and helped me decide the hospital as well as post surgery followups. I am very happy that getwellgo was there for me.

Donald Gyamfi

Visited in July 2018

From Ghana

While doing online research, I came across Getwellgo. Going through the reviews online, I immediately contacted them and go complete information regarding the hospitals and doctors we have looked up to. I would like to thank Getwellgo, with the deepest gratitude and appreciation on behalf of my perfectly healed father.

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